Siren has just had a litter of 7 beautiful puppies, so be sure to come back soon to see some pictures.

Pictures of Roxy's litter by Sheriff (Redcap Renaissance). 
Three days old and very hungry...                               ...also very sleepy!

Three weeks old and learning what big sisters are for (ear chewing) and having their first taste of 'Puppy Porridge' - well once they have stopped blowing bubbles in to it.

Pictures from Roxy's first litter by Ch. Nedlaw Salamander.            

At four weeks old, they may look cute .... but by six weeks old we found ourselves sharing our house with a pack of crazy little hounds - and with two weeks still to go before they were ready to go to their new homes....

Well worth the effort, but chaos at times!

                 Fisher                                       Millie                                      Barley

                  Ziggy                                       Harvey                                     Star

         Explorer (with ball)                 Roxy the big puppy!                        zzzzzzz