Welcome to our news and events page. Scroll down the page for links to some of our favourite websites. 

We plan to keep this up to date with things as they happen and maybe even add a few past events and pictures when time permits!

May 2014 - 7 beautiful Broadshore Beagles have been born, lots more Mottles too which is very exciting.

March 2014 - Broadshore Simcoe (Todd) is placed 2nd in his class at Crufts.   

February 2013 - Siren had 2 puppies, 2 boys and 2 girls.  one of each are Tri-Coloured Mottles which we are really excited about.

February 2013 - Puppies due very soon, be sure to check back for the latest info.

20th June 2011 - Siren had 5 puppies, 2 girls and 3 boys, all Tri-colour.

June 2011 - Puppies due very soon, so there is much excitement in the Broadshore house.

April 2011 - New arrival - baby James has joined the family.  Junior Handler competition for Emily?

6th June 2010 - We have had a lovely litter of 6 puppies from Amber. 

October 2009 - We have had two lovely litters of puppies from Star and Roxy, 9 beautiful babies.

October 2007 - New arrival - baby Emily joined the family. She has already attended a few shows and perhaps she will be a Junior Handler one day!

June 2007 - New arrivals - Roxy delivered a litter of six smashing puppies by Redcap Renaissance - four boys and two girls, from which we have kept a dog - Nelson - more about him later.

March 2007 - Good Citizen - Not to be outdone by Star, Roxy passes the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award.

March 2007 - Crufts - Star is placed with a VHC in Special Puppy Bitch. We were really pleased as this our first time showing at Crufts.  

Favourite Links                                                                             

Beagle Advice - The website for Beagle Advice and Welfare. Information on the breed, advice on finding, buying and owning a Beagle as well as details of the work of the Beagle Welfare Scheme.

The Kennel Club - Provides you with all the information you may need to be a responsible pet owner whichever breed you own, with breed profiles and of course the home of Crufts.

Beagle Clubs

The Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club - Promoting the responsible keeping of Beagles for both pet and showing. Breed information and links, show and events dates.

Beagle Association - National Beagle Club. Provides advice about owning a Beagle, show information and breed club links.

Beagle Websites

Molesend and Sabinhay Beagles - The home of the Molesend Beagles. Lots of pics and Beagle articles.

Windlehill Farm -The home of Butterow Beagles. You can stay here until the cows come home! Follow the link to the Beagles.

Geclanjo Beagles- The home of the famous Beagles from Buxton.

Other Dog Links

Dog Lost - The National Database for Lost and Found Dogs. Helping to reunite  dogs with their owners.