An introduction

We are Steve, Jinny, Emily and James; we share our lives with our three Beagles:  Roxy, Nelson, and Siren.

We had made the decision to own a beagle after some careful research into the breed’s suitability. Steve's family had owned a rescue Beagle many years ago, so we had a good idea of what we were letting ourselves in for! We had the time, energy and patience needed and were ready for the challenge. As we already owned six cats, we decided that a puppy would be the best option. The search then began for the right puppy. After many enquiries we were eventually put in touch with Sam (of Molesend Beagles). One of her Beagles 'Molesend Banshee' had recently had a litter and we were in luck, there was one available, a little girl called 'Molesend Shady'. We arranged to view her and immediately fell in love - we named her Roxy - it was March 2004 and this is when the fun began...

The Beagle had landed!  


After the first few weeks of chaos, we decided that it was time for Roxy to be trained.  When she was six months old we enrolled onto a puppy training and socialization course.  In true Beagle style the training took a long time to sink in, but she did eventually learn to sit and offer her paw for a treat! All the useful things like obeying basic commands, walking on the lead, recall off the lead etc, would take a lot more time (years in fact) and practice!    


In February 2005 we went along to the Northern and Midland Counties Beagle Club show to meet up with Sam so that she could see how Roxy doing. She was pleased with how Roxy had turned out and encouraged us to consider showing her. We also met Joan (of Butterow Beagles) who introduced us to the local Ringcraft group. These classes teach you how to prepare and present your dog for showing. They are also a good way of socializing your dog and reinforcing their training.

The first show that we entered was at Newark Showground, we were entered   into the Junior class for Beagles and we came  second... out of two! But it was a start and we came away with our first rosette, so were really pleased. We have improved since then and the practice is paying off,  neither of us are so nervous now and we are having lots of fun meeting up with all the new Beagle friends which we have made. 


Since then we have had more success with some minor placings at Open Shows around the country. The last show we entered was The Northern & Midland Counties Beagle Club Open Show in February 2006 as a lot had a happened in our first year of showing - we had decided to try breeding from Roxy and she was expecting her first litter of puppies.  She had been mated to Ch. Nedlaw Salamander and in March she gave birth to seven beautiful little Beagles.    


We wanted to keep them all, but common sense prevailed! The pups all went to new loving homes, expect for one little girl, 'Star', who was to be the new addition to the family.